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Fall 2020
After School Program

Flexible programs to fit your busy distanced learning schedule.
Our COVID-FREE 10-weeks of summer golf camps gave us the confidence to bring this program to you.


This program is designed to provide after school care for school-aged children (ages 6-15) in a safe, fun environment. As students begin back in a hybrid/online learning model we have put together a version of our Summer Golf Camps that accommodate their needs and provide a safe experience for everyone. We want children outside, away from books/screens, and interacting with other kids SAFELY.

Monday - Friday, 1pm - 5:30pm

*Will vary based on the day of the week and school district.
View our new safety guidelines and procedures for our staff and students here →

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact Kim Stevens here.

2020 After School Program

Summitpointe Golf Club – Milpitas, Ca

Program Activites

Golf-Based Activities/Games
Kids will go through a series of skill-based games where they will learn the fundamentals of golf. Similar to our Summer Golf Camps, kids will have the opportunity to improve their game through fun putting drills, chipping games and hitting balls at the driving range. On-course play will be allowed for more advanced golfers or children who want to try golfing on the course. Sanitized equipment will be provided or you can bring your own.

Youth Movement Programs 
With Physical Education being eliminated or cut back dramatically, we are providing an alternative for children after their online/hybrid days. We have developed two Youth Movement Programs that introduce the foundation of movement and teamwork through structure games and activities. Kids will be exposed to a fun and interactive environment that will teach them social skills and the benefits of being physically active.

Quiet Homework Space
We understand children will have homework throughout the week. We will be providing a quiet homework space for kids who need to study, work on homework, read a book or just take a break. Our homework space will be available for use at all times throughout the program with staff supervision.

Arts & Crafts
We aim to make arts & crafts fun and engaging for all ages. With plenty of ideas, kids can get creative and bring their art to life! If you wish to bring other items (games, arts/crafts, science projects, etc.) to the program, please let us know so we can approve them beforehand. We will provide all necessary supplies and equipment.

Trail Hikes/Photography 
Summitpointe Golf Club have many trails and walking areas. Kids will be taken on short nature walks around the surrounding trails to stay active and promote physical fitness. We encourage kids to bring their phones so pictures/videos can be taken. We’ll explore different ways to enhance their photographs and videos!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We require registration at least 24 hours in advance. We will provide a registration service through our website.

The program can be purchased either by the day, the week, or the month.  If your child can only attend a couple of days out of the week – that’s fine! We will provide you with credit for the days you were unable to attend (that may be used towards After-School programs in the following weeks).

The staff-to-student ratio will be 1:8. Depending on the program size for the week, these ratios will typically be smaller.

Yes. We will have a quiet homework space set aside for kids to work on homework, study, or just take a break. Our quiet homework space will be available for use at all times throughout the program with staff supervision.

If your child has homework, we will be providing a quiet homework space for them to study/work on homework. Staff will be on hand to help answer any questions your child has, but we will not be providing tutoring. As for WIFI, if your child brings their laptop or tablet, they will have to provide their own WIFI.

Yes! Your child’s safety is the most important to us. Kids will be supervised at all times and groups/instructors will stay consistent throughout the week. We have enough staff members to ensure adequate supervision.

Kids will have the opportunity to take part in every activity that we provide. Within their groups, they will be taken through all the activities. To ensure we have a well-balanced curriculum with a wide variety of activities, we will be providing golf activities/games, nature walks, youth movement
programs, arts & crafts, photography (while walking), and a quiet homework space; to keep kids engaged from drop-off to pick-up. Each day will progressively build off the other.

Kids will have the opportunity to take part in every activity that we provide. Therefore, trying new activities that are both fun and engaging, will be easy! Since kids will be in the same groups throughout the week, we will encourage team building and communication skills. Due to school’s transitioning to an online/hybrid curriculum, students will lose that social aspect from not being with other kids. We want to build your child’s confidence up!! With our After-School programs, we will provide a safe place where kids can socialize, interact and still learn how to work together.

If your child will need care before the program starts or after it ends – we are here to help! We will have staff on hand to watch your child. Before or Aftercare will cost $30/hour and will be paid out directly to the staff member. Please contact Scott Stevens at [email protected]. If no one can be reached and the staff member stays with your child, we will have a late charge of $1 per minute per child. (We can change this depending on how much you would like to charge.)

Food and snacks will not be provided by SVGPC. Food and snacks will be available for purchase by the golf course.

We have a NO BULLYING policy. Any child who is caught bullying will be immediately kicked out of our After-School program. As for handling discipline, if kids are acting inappropriate, causing unnecessary problems, or disobeying the rules; their parents will be called immediately, as we do
not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

Yes. We will be offering credit that can be used towards our After-School program in the following weeks.

After-School programs will be conducted Monday- Friday from 1pm – 5:30pm.

No. We will provide all equipment and clubs (if needed).

After-School programs will be capped at 24 kids. With the age range being from 6-14, there will be many kids in the program that are the same age or around the same age as your child.

In the event that your child gets hurt or sick, we will immediately call you to come pick up your child. Therefore, it is very important to provide the staff with accurate emergency contact information.  If a child needs medical attention from a physician immediately, we will call 911 first, then call you.

We are already CDC and County COVID compliant. We uphold all CDC guidelines throughout all locations to ensure child safety. All instructors have been background checked and the company carries the necessary liability insurance required for the cities and golf courses they operate from. We aim to provide safe and quality care during these unprecedented times. If you would like a more detailed description of our new safety guidelines and procedures for our staff and students, please click here.

All equipment is sanitized on a continual basis throughout the day. Every morning we will sanitize chairs, tables and necessary equipment to ensure a safe environment. After every activity, kids will be required to wash their hands and sanitize (when needed).

With our new procedures in place, there is absolutely no sharing of food. At registration, you will provide staff with a list of any food or other allergies that your child might have.

Yes of course! You are more than welcome to stay and observe the program for as long as you want. We would like to keep our programs as transparent as possible, so parents understand how their child is being taken care of.

Masks are required for everyone. Campers may remove their mask if they are at least 6 feet social distanced and/or eating, but we highly recommend wearing them as much as possible.

We specialize in golf! If your child would only like to play golf – he or she can do that! We have built a hybrid curriculum that stems from our Summer Golf Camps and emphasis’s putting, chipping, bunker play, and full swing.

Our golf activities/games will remain consistent. Depending on the skill level of your child’s group, we will conduct golf activities that best fit their skills. This may include going over the basics/fundamentals Monday and Tuesday and then transitioning into fun games where they’ll be able to compete, win, and develop their golf game.

The golf courses have many trails and walking areas. Our goal will be to stay central to the golf course. We will also take kids through walks along the holes and small trails within the golf course.

Yes. We will have multiple breaks in between activities/games.

Upon arrival, kids will have their temperature taken and be evaluated before entering the campsite. This ensures we have cohesiveness throughout the program and providing a safe environment for all children. After check-in, kids will split up into their groups and begin a series of activities. Each day, kids will have the opportunity to participate in every activity. If your child would rather get ahead and complete his or her homework, our quiet homework space will be available throughout the whole program.

From beginner players to advanced, we welcome ALL golfers. Our curriculum is designed to introduce the youth to the game of golf in a fun, safe environment. We focus on the basics/fundamentals and progressively transition into putting, chipping, bunker play, and full swing.

No. Course play will not be included in our After-School programs.

-We have developed two programs that introduce the foundation of movement and teamwork.

Youth Development (ages 5-8)

Kids will throw, kick, jump, roll, and run, through structured games and activities to test their ABC’s of movement (agility, balance, and coordination). In this group environment, kids will also develop teamwork and social skills and learn how to play with good sportsmanship. Movement tests will also be administered to test your child’s progress during this developmental stage in their life.

Youth Movement (ages 9-14)

This class incorporates all the aspects of the Youth Development class and introduces bodyweight training and flexibility. Kids will be exposed to a fun and interactive environment that will teach them the benefits of being physically active. Athletic movements will be integrated into each class to start developing speed and power to help create well-rounded individuals.​

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